Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Weight loss journey number.... ?...umpteenth

Hi everyone,

So it has been a long time since I have posted on my blog, but that is gonna change, as I am now begining a new wait loss journey for the umpteenth time. But here is a quick update on what happened since my first weight watchers weigh-in. I eventually stuck with weight watched for the fours weeks following my first weigh-in and was pleased to report that I had lost 15 pounds total, after 5 weeks of altering my diet, bringing me down to 155. So I am pleased to say weight watchers does work!

However....following the fifth week after becoming familiar with their weight loss plan, they introduced their new points plus plan, which involved a completely different way of calculating points than the way we did prior. This annoyed me! Really annoyed me! Don't you just hate it when you just learned something new, and you are finally getting a hang of it, and then...<>... your thrown something else to make things more complicated.... I know I do!

Anyways, to make matters worse, they were having issues with their system, and required some members to re-register due to loss info, and of course, I was one of those members...go figure... and so I just quit, and one day I just stopped going. It was easy to, given that I was already annoyed with the new change and all. Anyhow, I managed to keep the weight off on my own for a while, and continued to make healthy choices, until I began to slack, and without any notice, the pounds returned, one at a time.....some times even two or three at a true. I tried to control myself, but it was too late. My eating got out of hand, my semester was intense, and didn't leave much room for exercise (so I thought, and felt at the time), and my body was craving all the wrong things. It was horrible! It still is, as I have not only re-gained the weight that I lost at weight watchers, but I have gained an extra 15lbs on top of that, leaving me at a whopping 178. "WOW"..."DOUBLE WOW!" I'm not impressed with myself, and is ready to do something about it once again. So bare with me as I travel drown this rocky path to weight


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